6 Best Durable Luggages Fit For Travel

6 Best Durable Luggages Fit For Travel

There are many choices when it comes to picking the right luggage to fit your personal taste and style - and something that would last longer than our life span perhaps?

The idea of choosing one is troublesome as there're different objectives every time; stylish, durable, lightweight, light in your pocket, and many more to name in this wide market. We have our recommendations to help everyone choosing the perfect that fits your perfect vacay. Here are 6-best luggage bags for your consideration.


This particular luggage combine both 'tough' and 'lightweight' for your travel needs. This bag constructed with polypropylene shell with a sleek cut that gives it a modern look.

Don't be full with the compact look, as it has a generous capacity with multi pocket for every items you'll need for your trip. This bag is available at ZALORA for RM475.30.


CASE VALKER Diamond ABS Luggage Bag

The Case Valkers brand is a favourite for a low-budget luggage choices. It is made with high quality material and is effective in terms of manoeuvrability and durability.

This is available at LAZADA for RM199.00.


RIMOWA Essential Trunk Plus

So they said they are the best in terms of creating a really durable and lightweight luggages in the market.

Rimowa is a leader brand when you want to choose them top notch materials. Using polycarbonate as the core, it really makes the handling easy despite of its tough exterior.

This luggage is available at LAZADA for RM3,999 that would definitely a good investment for a lifetime.



Sometimes versatility is also a key when travelling.

The American Tourister is also a favourite pick when you're looking for something sleek, compact, lightweight, tough, that is also could be a carry on your flight. This will be suitable for a quick business trip that could help you ease into your travel.

This luggage is available at LAZADA for RM499.00.


BRIC'S X Travel Trolley Luggage

Now if you prefers bags without the hardshell exterior, you gotta choose this Bric's.

This brand always comes with timeless classic design that combined the vintage-inspired suitcase and durable-travel-use. It has a full-grain leather trim, ultra-light polycarbonate on the hard pieces, and durable nylon on the soft pieces of the luggage.

This luggage is available at COUNTRY ATTIRE for RM721.18.


RIP CURL F-Light 2.0 Global Midnight Luggage

Now are you looking for something that's more to giving people a message about style? If it is then search no more, this Rip Curl luggage is definitely for you.

Associated with surfers and outdoor enthusiast Rip Curl created their own version of luggage that is really cool in looks, as well as functionality. This will be perfect for those adrenaline junkies who would go to probably Bali to catch that wave.

This bag is available at SURFDOME for RM655.40.