6 Holiday Destinations In Malaysia For Under RM500

6 Holiday Destinations In Malaysia For Under RM500

Now what always comes to mind when you're planning a holiday? It rhymes with "target" - yeah you guessed it, it's BUDGET!

Budget will always be an important for a holiday. While you're there putting coins in your piggy bank, we recommend these 6 holiday destinations you can go in Malaysia for under RM500.


Nothing can go wrong with Penang. Ask anyone "where to go for a getaway?" and they will all answer Penang in a heartbeat.

Being famous for its iconic street food, Penang is a state infused with cultural and heritage charms that could sway people with all ages. You have beaches, night markets, tons of place to gorge on, and artsy heritage to boot.

For logistics you can either drive or fly down with a budget. A timely booking could score you round tickets for under RM150.

Penang is also famous for its Airbnb stays. As the competition are thick, you can find a lot of cool places to stay for under RM100 per night. Go explore and enjoy!



Lets' talk about beaches - Langkawi to be exact. Never has been any more perfect place to relax and unwind; Langkawi is a preferred place for Malaysians.

Langkawi has beautiful sandy beaches to relax, Pantai Cenang, Tanjung Rhu, or you could even have a picnic at the Seven Wells Waterfall.

The famous Langkawi Cable Car will never gets old for everyone to catch a scenic view from the peak of Manchincang mountain.

Flying and driving are always an option to reach Langkawi. There are some travel tippers even said that you can save a lot on land travel by using Grab to get to anyplace on the island.

And don't forget to all shopaholics out there - Langkawi is the place to score on the duty-free items. The best place to go is Kuah Town where the confectionaries such as Cadbury and Daim are slightly cheaper. If you haven’t reached your luggage limit, you can also buy fragrances, travel suitcases and activewear for yourself.



Ipoh is always a convenient place to go to either you're from the north, or from the bustling city of Kuala Lumpur. From a weekend trip, to a long stay, one must have a cultural visit to the once and old colonial city.

What To Do?

Of course food is one of the many wonders of Ipoh town. Slurping on curry mee, and have a plate of nasi kandar. As for the sweets for my sweets; don't miss a chance to grab a bowl of tau fu fah, cendol, and ais kepal to cool you off!

Spotting a cup of freshly brewed coffee while enjoy viewing the modern street art is also what makes Ipoh a wonder town. And if you feel like to have an adventure, there are few places to stop by like the Kellie's Castle, Lost World of Tambun, and Gunung Lang Recreational Park.

There are many budget places to stay in Ipoh, and really cool. There's a "modern-kampung" experience place to stay at the middle of the town. Not to mentioned you can stay there for less than RM100 per night - imagine if you bring few friends to tag along.

The convenient location of Ipoh makes it really easy to get there, a mere 3-hours drive - or you could take the bus if you prefer a much cheaper option. Get there, check-in, and feast!



Speaking of cultural trip, who would forget the most historical town in Malaysia, Melaka.

Melaka could easily be a quick getaway for many ranging for all ages.

Lining up all the historical attractions such as the iconic Stadhuys, A'Famosa Fort, and the Melaka Sultanate Palace Museum. One can never go wrong with all the interesting fact that we learnt from our school books.

Never EVER forget about the foods in Melaka. Do stop by at their famous asam pedas and curry laksa. The famous Jonker Walk can get you many street foods while enjoying the Baba Nyonya heritage culture.

You probably have heard many times that you can just spend RM300 for a 3-days 2-nights stay in Melaka - best with friends.

Cheap accommodation, cheap foods, close to many things (as Melaka is rather small), you can do a lot of things with times to spare.



The most southern part of Malaysia is a no exception for a fun-filled-budget holiday. Heck you can see lots of our neighbour (Singaporeans) who come to JB once in a while to enjoy that budget lifestyle.  

Johor Bahru is famous for its street markets to not only finding cheap foods, but also to shop. You could find good looking apparel like shoes, clothes, and a bunch of collectors' item. Some to name are KSL Night Market and Pasar Karat.

Maybe you can skip the theme parks - Legoland to be exact to save some budget.

Johor Bahru is a nest of many non-expensive lifestyle. Even the Singaporeans can be sighted at almost anywhere around our city.

Cheap flights can be found if you're not up for driving, and you can enjoy all the cheap foods that you want.



The home to the highest mountain in Malaysia could offers a lot more for you to have a cultural and budget-wise holiday.

Many people - local and foreigners would come here to take in a more rural side of the country, with lush jungles and towering peaks aplenty.

Anyone would be surprised by how many things you can do. The one who seeks adventure could enjoy whitewater rafting at Padas River, or ziplining at Kiulu River, or go jungle trekking at Danum Valley.

Kota Kinabalu is also the place to get fresh seafoods. The infamous Philippines Market at the center of the town can sell you a lobster for half the price - that's right, HALF!

Allow me to repeat the cheap seafoods part - as it deserves to be mentioned TWICE! Sabah does requires you to grab a flight, but it is worth it.


Some of the highlights here include the craft markets and delicious seafood restaurants, as well as pretty lookout spots and museums. In short, whether you want to stay in the city center or explore further afield, there is plenty to keep you occupied whatever your itinerary.