7 Best Cream For Babies With Eczema

7 Best Cream For Babies With Eczema

If you ever noticed that your baby is constantly rubbing his or her skin and look rather irritated; it's possible that it's eczema.

But fret not! Eczema is pretty common for babies and it is healable. As their skin barrier are rather thin, babies will usually feel itchy that leads them to oftenly rub their skin. There're bunch of ointments or creams that could help getting rid of the pesky itch, here're 7 best cream for babies to deal with eczema.

CERAVE Eczema Soothing Creamy Oil

The CeraVe soothing creamy oil is said to be a favourite among parents. It contains three essential ceramides which will locks in moisture and helps restore the protective skin barrier.

It is best used  after bathing and patting dry to damp skin. This cream is available at SHOPEE for RM97.00.


AVEENO Baby Eczema Therapy Moisturizing Cream

This cream contained a well known soothing properties, the colloidal oatmeal. It will intensely moisturises baby skin's that will reduce the itch and keep it hydrated all day.

It is a recommended brand by dermatologists, and is reckoned to be steroid-free as well as fragrance-free. This is available at LAZADA for RM45.90.



This cream is contains 41% lipid composition that will forms a protective film against dryness and irritation. It also infused with panthenol, allantoin and camomile extract that will give moisturising feature to protect, and regenerates irritated skin.

This should the perfect cream to protect the baby's skin from any harmful environmental influences. This cream is available at LAZADA for RM15.70.


WELEDA Sensitive Care Face Cream

The baby's face is quite sensitive which most parents are content to try out random cream for eczema.

This cream has the National Eczema Seal of Approval and is made up of 97 percent organic ingredients. The White Mallow properties is ideal for baby care especially for the delicate, sensitive, and immature baby skin during the first years of life.

This cream is available at COSMETICS NOW for RM46.09.


BABYORGANIX Nature First Aid Cream

Baby Organix's cream is specially formulated with organic Calendula Oil (extracted from marigold flower) that is perfect for healing bruises, scratches, and insect bites.

It has 100% organic materials and protects the skin cell from external harm whilst moisturises it. This cream is available at LAZADA for RM29.90.


BABYGANICS Eczema Care Skin Protectant Cream

Now this cream utilises all the organic ingredients from tomato, sunflower, cranberry, raspberry, and black cumin seed oil to give it extra hydration and long-lasting relief.

The oatmeal components are infused to soothes the skin and this product has no artificial dyes or fragrances.

This cream is available at LAZADA for RM49.90.


VANICREAM Moisturizing Skin Cream

Now how about something for the whole family? This cream is not specifically marketed for babies, but it is baby-friendly is recommended to be perfect for relieving eczema.

It's free of dyes, fragrances, parabens and lanolin. The thick and creamy substance will provides all day itch relief for sensitive skin, and it can be use as an everyday moisturiser for the whole family.

This cream is available at LAZADA for RM135.00.