Make Your Home WiFi Faster With These Simple Tricks

Make Your Home WiFi Faster With These Simple Tricks

Nothing can be more irritating than watching a webpage loading slowly or constant pauses and buffering during Netflix videos.

Internet problems can affect your mood badly if you are trying to work or have some fun time while streaming through songs or movies. Here are some simple wifi hacks that will help you get rid of internet problems:

1.    Placement of wifi router plays a vital role in its performance. If you place it at one corner of your house, you will face less or sometimes no signals around the other corner of your home. Place the router in the central spot of your home to get strong wifi signals everywhere.

2.    Put your wifi router at a place where there are no other electronic devices nearby. It should be placed in a position with maximum visibility. The more doors, walls or other obstructions come near the router, the higher the chances are of getting slow wifi signals. Place your wifi router in the upper portion if you are living in a multi-story house.

3.    If your router has external antennas, the chances are that you will face slow wifi signals due to their positioning. Wifi experts say that the antennas should be positioned perpendicular to each other. This way maximum wireless reception can be ensured.

4.    Make sure your wifi is not left unsecured. If you do not set a password on your wifi, other users will stream or download videos, which will cause you trouble. Also, it is very unsafe for the users of that particular network. So secure your wifi with a unique password and give the password to only those who you trust.

5.    Sometimes hardware can be the reason of the problem. If your router is many years old, it’s time to upgrade it.

6.    If you have many network users in your neighborhood, the interference of signals can be one of the reasons for degraded wifi signals. You can fix slow wifi by finding a wireless network channel that has the least interference. You can use Wifi Stumbler for setting an appropriate wifi channel.

7.    You can fix your slow wifi by adjusting the frequency of your router. You can either set it on 2.4 GHz or 5.0 GHz. If you have multiple electronic devices under your roof, the chances are that the 2.4 GHz frequency is already very crowded. Switch your wifi router to 5.0 GHz frequency for maximum speed.

8.    Devices can slow down if they are running 24/7 without any pause. If you never reboot your wifi router, you can face the problem of slow wifi speed. You can manually reset your router once every day or just set it on auto reboot. This way, your router will operate at its best, providing the maximum wifi speed.

9.    You can get higher internet speed from wifi if you concentrate the signals around the antennas. You can use a silver bowl or and other metal pot to focus the signals. This DIY wifi hack is amongst the most practical tricks to increase the wifi speed.

10.    It is essential for high-speed wifi that the wifi router has an up to date firmware. You can update your router’s firmware by contacting your service provider or router manufacturer.

Following these simple hacks, you can get rid of the frustration that is a result of the slow internet. If you find these tricks useful, please let us know through feedback.