When Will Amazon Launch In Malaysia?

When Will Amazon Launch In Malaysia?

Amazon is an American electronic store company based in Seattle, Washington. Amazon Inc. was founded by Jeff Bezos on July 5, 1994. Today, Amazon is one of the most popular online marketplaces for varieties of items, ranging from books, clothes, to household and daily needs. Amazon operates basically in the United States and a few other South American countries.

Amazon has a separate website for buyers and sellers from different countries. Some of these countries are the UK, Ireland, France, Canada, Australia, Spain, Netherland, Chine, Brazil, Japan, Mexico, and India. Earlier this year, the Amazon Board announced its intention to partner with iPrice Malaysia premieres in an attempt to establish the Malaysia version of Amazon, Amazon Malaysia (Amazon.my).

Amazon set to Launch in Malaysia

With plans and strategies on for a while, Amazon.my has been slated to be launched later this year. This means that both local and international products will be made available to Malaysians with same-day delivery across the country.

Following the ethos of Amazon, this new Malaysian version of Amazon will be guided by four basic principles which are:

  1. Customer wants instead of competitor focus,
  2. Passion for invention,
  3. Commitment to operation diligence, and
  4. Long-term services

Amazon partners with iPrice

The good news about the move by Amazon is that the project is partnered by iPrice. iPrice is a meta-search website that is active in 7 major countries in the South East of Asia. Since both platforms have similar passion and goal for e-commerce in Southeast Asia, such partnership will ensure that the needed marketing substances are aggressively delivered to their respective destinations through the Amazon Malaysia.

What will Malaysians benefit from the new development?

With the new innovation Amazon.my, Malaysians will have the power to buy thousands of local and international products and services and have them delivered on the same day. More so, local businesses in Malaysia can easily sign up and list their products on Amazon to easily leverage their market to a wider audience like never before.

Bottom Line

The soon-to-be-introduced Amazon Malaysia is definitely a huge move. Apart from the fact that Malaysians will have access to thousands of local and international products, local sellers will also be able to list their products and services on this top-rated electronic store. More so, since Amazon’s vision is not to build up competition but to ensure that customers’ needs are met at all time, this move will enhance customers’ satisfaction across the country.